Monday, September 20, 2010

New Pokemon vs Old Pokemon

Today I will be bitching about Pokemon. I used to have one of the old school brick gameboys that weighed 10lbs. When pokemon came out I went out and bought it. It seemed like a nice fun RPG. After popping in the game, watching the intro and being amazed at the awesomeness i was about to partake in. I tried to walk into what looked like grass, but alas I was to be blocked by a guy named "Prof. Oak" He told me that these things called pokemon lived out there and they would kick the shit out of me. FFFFFUUUUUU i said aloud. So Prof, Oak wanted to take me back to his place. First thought that came was "OH FUCK HES GONNA RAPE ME" boy was I wrong. Instead of impending rape he gave me a gift. A gift of one of three pokemon. Elated I went to look at the pokemons. There was Charmander a fire pokemon, squirtle, a water pokemon, and bulbasaur a grass type pokemon! Elated I chose Charmander, He was a bad ass looking lizard with a flame on his tail. HOW BAD ASS IS THAT SHIT. Then I met Prof Oaks dick of a grandson. This mofucker made me want to throw my gameboy at the wall. He was such a douche. Have you ever met that kid in school who thought he was tough shit, and was like the best of the best? Well that describes this faggot. Anyways I guess Prof Oak was going to give him a pokemon too. And what do  you know, this cock sucker chooses my exact opposite. I guess he thinks hes gonna get the upperhand. He wants to fight, after a short fight which entails me kickin the shit out of Gary, He storms out of the room like an emo faggot.

That was the begining of the very first pokemon games. They were cool, they had essence, they had a clear cut bad guy, a clear cut hero, and just utter awesomeness. The new pokemon however are not so lucky. The offspins of the original two make me want to uppercut babies. They are filled with "love" and "kindness" and just utter faggotry that makes todays youth even stupider. Not to mention they added like over 9000 new pokemon! I just dont get it. Sure they added some cool new features but with over 9000 pokemon to catch, train, make babies with on top of trying to be a pokemon master its just not worth it!! FFFFFFUUUU

Well my rant is done for the day! Comment and tell me what ya think! And if you have anything interesting ill be sure to follow and check out your shit

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Rant: Car Insurance

Why is it required that we have Auto Insurance? Sure if you get in an accident and fuck up someones car you both are fucked, BUT shit happens. I was driving a friends vehicle and he HAD auto insurance, he just forgot to put the card in the car as he just got a new one. Well I happend to get pulled over by a 5-0. I was charged with no auto insurance and speeding. The ticket came out to be 1705$. That is some bullshit. The punk ass fuckin judge also decided he didnt care that my friend had insurance and wouldnt remove it. Now I'm up shit creek without a paddle. Fuckin dickhead judges.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello my name is potshot, I will be ranting about a variety of things here and there. Check back for new rants!